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Responding to a Collection Notice?

If you have received a letter from us similar to the one pictured here, you may pay by phone, mail or via our secure website.

To Pay by Phone:

For more information, please call the North Shore Agency phone number that may appear at the top of the letter you received:

If no North Shore Agency telephone number appears, or if you wish to communicate with us in writing, send correspondence, other than payments to: North Shore Agency, P.O. Box 9221, Old Bethpage, NY 11804. Be sure to include your account number and/or tear-off coupon. Alternatively, you may fax us at: (888) 870-4672.


If you call, you will need your 5-digit extension number:


You will also need your 12-digit ID number:



To Pay by Mail:

Please send payment to the remittance address shown on the tear-off portion of the letter you received. Be sure to write your account number on the check and all communications sent to North Shore Agency, or simply include the tear-off coupon.

To Pay Via Secure Website:

NOTE: Not all North Shore Agency accounts are eligible for online payment at our secure website.  Please check to make sure that the collection notice you received from North Shore Agency expressly provides for online payment and visit our secure website at Major credit cards are accepted.


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