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About NSA
NSA Services

We are the only resource you need for the entire life cycle of your accounts receivables – from billing statements through all phases of collections. Each year, North Shore Agency mails hundreds of millions of invoices, reminder notices, order verifications and collection letters including:

NSA’s capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Printing
    • Laser Options – Continuous or sheet-fed printing – black only, black and two (2) color (red/blue currently) or Black and one (1) color (red, green, blue), MICR continuous and MICR sheet-fed.
    • Types of Fonts – NSA can handle all true-type fonts.
  • Inserts
    • Insert Size – The minimum size we recommend would be the standard business card size (3.5 x 2). All inserts require at minimum ½” clearance to insert into OE.
    • Number of Inserts – Our standard number of inserts is five (5), which we can produce as a double pass process.
  • Envelopes
    • Envelope Inserts – We can insert into and OE and then re-insert into a mailing carrier – this is a double pass process.
    • Types of Envelopes – #10, Monarch, 6x9, 9x12, specialty sizes acceptable.
  • Postal Solutions
    • Types of Postage Affixing – Meter imprint, permit imprint, stamp affix.
    • Mailing Services – Standard class and first class mailing, standard class and first class commingle, BMC/SCF drop shipping, drop ship consolidation.

NSA provides enhanced capabilities through a brand new state-of-the-art production environment. NSA’s enhanced services include:
  • Dots Per Inch (DPI) Capabilities – 300 DPI is now standard, which provides clearer images – we can option to 600 DPI.
  • Variable Color Print – NSA offers full color processing to match any client requirement.
  • Multi-page Duplex Printing – We print standard to five (5) duplex pages with options to produce 25 pages folded or bound.
  • Capacity & Production Flexibility – We can ramp to any clients’ full production levels, via a network of four (4) redundant facilities with a production environment of 300,000 square feet.
  • Speed & Efficiency – with internally created forms/options.
  • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery – Four (4) fully operational letter facilities with recovery options to support Fortune 100 level organizations.
  • E-based online billing, reporting and payments
  • Print and Lettershop Production Standards – Our mail turnaround is 24-48 hours, 99.9% of the time.

First Party Billing Services
NSA vigorously tests its through-the-mail billing program to be sure it generates prompt customer payment, early in the billing cycle. The program improves payment rates and reduces the high costs of time consuming follow-up within your company.

First Party and Third Party Collection Letters
What makes a late-pay respond to a first party letter? NSA’s team of designers and writers have developed a winning strategy for letters that get opened with payment results. NSA achieved Six Sigma production accuracy and mailing timeliness and deploys constantly changing formats and letter creatives. This ensures “open rates” that achieve messaging for payment recovery.

Our writing, production, printing, preparation and mailing services use the most innovative technologies to find solutions for customers throughout the United States and Canada.

State-of-the-Art Mailing Services and Postal Expertise
Postal economies, change of address and USPS IMB Tracing ensure that your mail is delivered properly with the lowest opportunity of crosses-in-the-mail.

Contingency Collection Services
From slow payers to non-payers, NSA offers complete contingency collection programs. We target effective letter campaigns with our proprietary response-based models to maximize collection rates.

NSA augments letter campaigns with automated messaging, and the latest automated predictive dialing campaigns to speed contacts with trained, knowledgeable collectors.

Secured E-Commerce Solutions
NSA delivers major cost savings with secured communications, billing, collections and payment through the web. Technology solutions include Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), e-Payment Processing, e-Dunning, e-Statements, e-Collection, e-Order Confirmations and e-Product Announcements.

Effective Client Service Programs
Customer service is our top priority. Dedicated client support agents respond to your inquiries and resolve them thoroughly and accurately.

Compliance with Statutory Requirements
NSA meticulously observes the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and all applicable local, state and federal laws and statutes, ensuring you don’t have to stay up on ever-changing regulations.

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